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5,000 Hectares - 80 Km from Patagones

: 80 km from Patagones, Province of Buenos Aires.

Aptitude: Agriculture and livestock.

Access: Very good.

Surface and features: The field comprises two fractions of 2,500 hectares each. It has 900 free hectares intended for wheat plantation, 560 cleared hectares with soiling and 3,540 hectares of woodland. Excelent status of perimetrical and internal wiring.

Building improvements: Main house, two depots.

Work facilities
: Each fraction has a facility for the installation of an approach to a loading platform and yard for cattle. One of the fractions has a windmill and an Australian tank of ready-mixed concrete and two smaller auxiliary tanks; the other has two windmills and also two Australian tanks of ready-mixed concrete. It has a set of three silos.

Machinery: Two 160 HP tractors, a 50 HP tractor, a seed drill, two cereal wagons, a livestock cage, a wagon with rail, two heavyweight disk plow.

Sale price: Consult.

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